Southern Dental Associates is excited to share our photos from our most recent CE and staff meeting that was held at Brookberry Farm in August. Our entire staff from all four locations came together to discuss future goals for the practice, lunch and photographs.

We are so incredibly thankful for this group!

lewisville-gen-0126Clinical and Administrative (Lewisville) From Left: Thuy Hudspeth , Deb Reubel , Jennifer Holbrook, Beverly McNeill , Jodi Gough, Mariah Green

Second Row: Niki Baldwin, Debbie Paterno, Sondra Coggins , Jessica Ridings

farber-0046Dr. Romi Farber , Mariah Green and Hannah Beasley

advance-peds-0089-revision Pediatric Staff (Advance and Lewsiville) from Left: Mariah Green, Shannon White, Stephanie Love Rouser, Denna Rominger, Hannah Beasley, Amanda Smith, Thuy Hudspeth


Wilkesboro Location from Left: Janessa Wells, Amber Overton,  Jamie Rhyne, Melissa Reavis , Jessica Yarboro, Michelle Bullis  (not shown: Robin Smith)

wilkes-peds-0119Wilkesboro Pediatric Staff from left: Keisha Stanley, Danielle Wingler, Blake Kinder, Kelly Lambert, Amanda Osborne

Second Row from left: Dacia Eilert-Holcomb, Kasey Osborn Pinkerton, Brittany Anderson, Michelle Walker (not shown: Dr. Amy Kinlaw)

morganton-0069Morganton Pediatric Staff from left: Judy Carpenter, Cameron Fisher, Melissa Ramirez, Eve Carlson, Alisha Collins, Kathie Riddle, Tracie Abernathy

(not shown: Dr. Sharon Foreman and Dr. Stephanie Werner)

retouched-group-photo“Doing the ordinary, extraordinarily well…….EVERYDAY!” – SDA