Living with Invisalign®: What to Expect on a Daily Basis

You’ve chosen a revolutionary teeth alignment correction system if you’ve chosen to go with Invisalign. Your everyday life will be much different with the Invisalign system than it would have been if you had chosen a more traditional approach to your misalignment issue. There are many benefits to selecting the Invisalign system. The following is some information on how your aligners will affect you during your treatment period and what you can expect on a daily basis.

How Your Mouth Will Feel

Many people are pleased to find that the Invisalign aligners cause less discomfort than traditional braces. However, you won’t necessarily escape discomfort altogether. Invisalign works in a similar fashion to traditional braces in that they use pressure to move the teeth. Therefore, you might feel a slight amount of pressure when you change your old aligners and put in a new set. It may be similar to the discomfort patients feel when orthodontists tighten their braces. The level of discomfort may be less extensive, however. Additionally, the plastic materials may not feel as painful as metal. We believe you’ll only experience a moderate amount of discomfort during your treatment. However, you can request a mild painkiller if you have any issues.

How You’ll Look

The Invisalign corrective system is the best way to go if discretion is important to you. The aligners are made of clear plastic that’s hardly visible to the naked eye. Furthermore, the lab associated with Southern Dental Associates will design the aligners so that they will fit inside your mouth perfectly. Other people will have no idea that you’re getting your teeth corrected.

How You’ll Talk

The lab will craft your aligners according to the specialist’s measurements. The accuracy of your aligners will depend on the method the specialist uses to get your measurements. At Southern Dental Associates, we use advanced technology to assist the lab in creating perfectly fitting aligners. Our system is designed to give you a hassle-free experience with as little discomfort and restrictions as possible. You may feel awkward wearing your initial set of aligners. It may take you a few days to adjust to trying to speak with them in your mouth. Eventually, you’ll get used to having the aligners in your mouth, and you’ll speak like normal.

How to Take Care of Your Aligners

Aligners are a favorite among dental patients because they have an easy cleaning process. You must clean your aligner tray before you insert your aligners and when you remove them. All you need to use is lukewarm water. However, you can choose to use a denture cleaning solution to clean your aligners, as well. These steps will only consume a few minutes of your day. That’s why Invisalign is the perfect solution for students and professionals who are always on the move. You can contact our office at any time to ask questions you have about caring for your aligners.

How to Take Care of Your Teeth

It’s important to keep up with your dental hygiene no matter what system you’re using to correct your alignment. Your efforts must be consistent and thorough. The good news about Invisalign is that they’re completely removable. Therefore, you don’t need to invest in special equipment just to get your teeth clean. You only need to perform your cleaning tasks efficiently. You need to brush your teeth after you eat and after you drink fluids other than water. The reason for the extra care is that you don’t want to put the aligners back in your mouth and push sugar and other contents onto your teeth’s enamel.

You should also make sure that you floss at least once a day, but preferably twice. Flossing removes harmful bacteria and food particles from in between your teeth to prevent you from getting cavities in such areas. Caring for your teeth while you use Invisalign might seem a little cumbersome at times. However, you might find that your teeth become a shade or two lighter after spending some time with your aligners because of the extra care. The extra effort won’t hurt your teeth. It will only make them healthier.

Restrictions and Requirements

Invisalign treatment doesn’t have a whole lot of restrictions. However, there are a few. First, you’ll have to wear your aligners for at least 22 hours out of each day. That means that you shouldn’t go to bed with your aligners out. However, it does allow you two hours where you don’t have to wear them. You’ll use most of this time during your eating and drinking sessions. You’ll need to clean your aligners every time you remove them, and you’ll also need to clean your teeth any time you eat or drink something other than water.

Schedule a Consultation About Invisalign

Now that you know a little more about Invisalign and what to expect throughout the process, it’s time to talk to a specialist and see if you’re a perfect candidate for the method. Contact Southern Dental Associates for a comprehensive review of your situation and a thorough discussion about the Invisalign system and how it can help you. Our specialists are compassionate, seasoned experts who enjoy helping teens and adults recreate their gorgeous smiles. We work with patients in Lewisville and Wilkesboro as well as Advance, NC and the surrounding areas. You can start the process of reclaiming your smile by reaching out to us. It’s never been a better time to get the smile of your dreams.

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