General Dentists

Our General Dentistry services include preventative care and routine appointments for checkups and teeth cleaning.  This is the foundation of our practice and your path to better dental and overall personal health.

Your first appointment at Southern Dental Associates will include a private consultation with your dentist (Learn more about our Dentists).  This is a great time to express any concerns, questions, or expectations.

All  routine examinations include a thorough look at everything involving not only your oral health but even other health issues, as well. In addition to checking your teeth, we will also be searching for any signs of oral or skin cancers, TMJ issues, lymph node swelling or tenderness, and tissue and bone health. With early detection as a primary objective, most treatment can be provided with less time, expense, and discomfort than if problems are left to progress further than necessary.

Explore the following links to learn more about specific treatments within our General Dentistry services:

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