September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.
This year SDA took part once again in Josh’s Jog.
Josh’s Jog is a 5k held in memory of Josh Rominger,
a Davie County teen who passed away on April 10, 2013 after a year and a half battle with cancer.
 He is the son of our very own Pediatric Hygienist, Denna Rominger.
Proceeds from the event benefit CureSearch for Children’s Cancer,
a foundation whose main mission is to fund children’s cancer research,
so that one day, no child will ever have to endure the horrible disease.
Josh Rominger is the son of Mike Rominger and Denna Rominger and younger brother to Jennifer.  
He grew up in Advance in Davie County, near Winston-Salem, NC, where he attended high school at Davie County HS.  
Josh enjoyed watching and playing sports, especially basketball, hanging out with his friends,
cheering on the War Eagles as one of the Davie Crazies, and playing Xbox.  
He had an incredibly strong faith, which helped him through his journey, or as many like to call it, Josh’s Journey.


Josh’s strength, courage, and most of all, faith, continues to inspire everyone in his community, his friends, and his family.  
Our hope is that through Josh’s Jog, Josh will stand as an example of how horrible childhood cancer really is and that his story will never be forgotten.  
He should, and will, always be a reminder of how precious life really is
– to never take anything for granted, to laugh, to live, and most importantly, to love.
                To read more about Josh’s Journey, please visit his website