Why You Should Choose Invisalign Over DIY Orthodontics

Making the decision to straighten your teeth is exciting. For the first time in awhile, you might finally feel motivated to show off your smile. Of course, before you can get that radiant look, you’ll need to decide which path to choose. A number of reasons exist as to why you should select Invisalign over the DIY orthodontics options out there.

Proven Success

Taking a look at the history of both Invisalign and DIY orthodontics companies will show you why the former is the smarter option. Invisalign has simply been around for a longer time than everyone else. While history does not necessarily always determine success, the fact that more is known about Invisalign and how to use the system properly is a bonus. Combine the lifetime of Invisalign with the knowledge of the professionals at Southern Dental Associates, and you can have a greater assurance of success in your quest for straight teeth.

Scheduled Appointments

With Invisalign, you’re going to have scheduled appointments with your provider. Instead of guessing as to when your materials from DIY orthodontics companies will arrive, you can have confidence in your provider and in when you will actually get your Invisalign treatment. In addition to the initial consultation and the appointment where you get your Invisalign, you can maintain appointments throughout the process to check on your progress with a professional.

Safety Concerns

Ask yourself if you would go to the doctor for a medical procedure or if you would attempt to perform that procedure yourself. The most likely answer is that you would go to the doctor. Getting braces is a dental procedure, so you should go to a qualified specialist. Even if you feel that opting for DIY orthodontics companies is not a terribly dangerous decision, you are still taking more of a risk than you would if you went to an Invisalign specialist.

Missed Issues

When you choose DIY orthodontics companies, you are literally only learning about your teeth in terms of how straight they are. Other issues could be hiding behind the surface. By going to a qualified provider of Invisalign, you will have a more thorough exam that can reveal other issues that are in need of treatment. Imagine that you go through the process with DIY orthodontics companies only to later discover that you really needed to get a more crucial dental treatment done first.

Accurate Impressions

If you choose DIY orthodontics companies, you are going to have to independently take an impression of your teeth. It’s true that people have had success with this method, but a decent chance does exist that you could make a mistake. Opting for Invisalign means that you are going to have the impression taken by a professional Invisalign provider. You don’t need to worry about making a mistake and having to take another impression. The provider taking the impression has experience with this task.


When you compare the costs of Invisalign and DIY orthodontics companies, you might immediately think that the latter is the less expensive option. However, you need to think about the whole picture. In the event that you make a mistake with those companies, you could very well have to go through the entire process again, thereby paying for the treatment a second time. Furthermore, you might make mistakes along the way and lack the professional guidance necessary to resolve those errors. Opting for Invisalign heightens the odds that you can get the process done correctly the first time and avoid having to pay for subsequent treatments or costly dental procedures down the line.

Answers for Questions

If you are serious about straightening your teeth, you probably have questions about the process. Consider to whom you will turn in the event that you have questions about DIY orthodontics companies. Opting for Invisalign means that you will be able to direct your inquires to the Invisalign provider with whom you are working. With other companies, you might find yourself heading to websites or to the phone to speak with people who cannot see your teeth in-person.

Unexpected Issues

Whenever a medical or dental procedure is involved, unexpected issues can certainly manifest. Getting Invisalign from a qualified provider can also help to reduce the chances of these types of issues. For example, the provider likely knows what particular issues could arise for your specific condition. As a result, the provider can work with you to prevent these issues from arising.

Proper Aftercare

A difference exists between reading about aftercare and having a professional walk you through the steps necessary to properly tend to your teeth after they are straightened. Opting for Invisalign through Southern Dental Associates means that you’ll have professional guidance throughout the experience. Once you no longer need to wear Invisalign, you’ll learn about how to keep your teeth straight to maintain your beautiful smile for decades to come.

When it comes to the debate between Invisalign and Smile Direct, the former is the clear winner. With DIY orthodontics companies, you simply are not getting the professional one-on-one guidance needed. Using those companies could jeopardize both the aesthetics and the health of your mouth. On the other hand, Invisalign can lead to a beautiful smile in a safe way. To learn more about Invisalign and to get started on a professional and safe path to straight teeth, contact us at Southern Dental Associates today.

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