We understand that you may have a lot of questions regarding care for your child and his or her teeth post-dental treatments.  We will address many of the common post-treatment procedures here for your reference.  We invite you to contact us with any additional questions or concerns you may have.

Local Anesthetic (Numbing)

If your child’s treatment requires the use of a local anesthetic (numbing), please be aware that the length of time he or she may be numb may vary. Numbness of the upper teeth can last approximately 2-4 hours. Lower teeth can be numb for approximately 3-5 hours. A very soft diet during this time is required (examples: yogurt, soups or applesauce). A regular diet can be resumed when the child no longer feels numb.

Cheek Biting

It is important to note that when a child (especially younger children) experiences the sensation of numbness, they have a tendency to pinch or chew their lip, tongue or cheek. To prevent this, have your child bite on a cotton roll or wet washcloth until the numbing subsides. If you suspect that cheek or lip biting has occurred, here are some symptoms to look for:

  • Mild to severe swelling of lip, tongue or cheek
  • White or grayish patch of skin on lip, tongue or cheek
  • The affected area feels warm to the touch.
  • Fever


What To Do

We recommend giving your child ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin), a soft diet and the use of a cold compress. If your child develops a fever and/or the area feels warm to the touch, or the swelling is severe, call our office for further instructions.

Extractions (Tooth Removal)

If your child’s treatment requires extractions, have them bite on gauze for 30 minutes to help control the bleeding. If bleeding continues, have them bite on a wet tea bag for an additional 30 minutes. If bleeding still persists, contact the office where your child was treated.


Keep the area clean, but do not allow your child to brush or rinse vigorously. Instruct them to keep their tongue out of the area, and do not allow them to drink through a straw for at least 24 hours. Your child may eat and drink after the bleeding is controlled, but should have a soft diet for 24 hours. Motrin may be given for any discomfort. If any problems arise, please contact us.

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